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About Hogtown

A song can change your life. It can make you think differently, walk differently and feel differently. It can connect you to something bigger than the straightjacket of your hometown where everybody thinks they know who you are but nobody really knows you at all. Sometimes a song is the only thing that can guide you in a world where nothing makes sense.

Hogtown is the story of that moment in the life of Cameron Power.

Cameron is a junior who exists in the shadows at high school. He’s the kind of kid who people see but don’t know, the quiet math nerd with the unfashionable clothes, the brainiac heading for a college scholarship. But when a chance invite to a house party brings him into the realm of Kassandra, a punk rocker with a lust for life, suddenly Cameron’s world is turned upside down as he makes a startling discovery - girls and guitars. This revelation sets him on an adventure as he dives head first into all things music.

But dreams are not made in Hogtown - an industrial dead-end whose only claim to fame is that it contains the largest pig factory in the country. Cameron’s father knows that the only way out of a life in the factory is to get a college education – and the diversion into music threatens his son’s very future. With a factory strike already straining the family, Cameron’s actions threaten to tear them apart. Now Cameron must make a decision - follow the path he loves or please his father.

Hogtown is the story of musical discovery, of learning what it takes to become a musician and most all of searching for your identity when everybody else has already made up their mind who you should be.