Santa Inc.

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Eric is a ‘different’ eight year old with a vivid and untamed imagination. But in Our Lady of Mercy Orphanage, the decrepit old building where he lives, wicked Sister Prudence fills the orphaned boy’s days with work and chores.

When Eric is locked in the basement for misbehavior, he discovers a tunnel to the building next door. There he finds Santa Inc., the global headquarters of Santa’s business empire. This begins an adventure that changes the boy’s lives forever and reawakens in Santa the true spirit of Christmas.


In Santa Inc. it is sometimes not clear what is imagination and what is real. The story weaves between the grim despair of a dilapidated orphanage to the whimsical world of the skyscraper next door that just happens to belong to Santa.

There are plenty of colorful characters and adventures along the way as Eric precariously balances his duel life between the two. One thing is always consistent——Eric’s ability to aggravate adults by asking them simple questions.

The unexpected twist at the end gives a deeper meaning to the entire story and makes the reader reevaluate everything that came before.

Santa Inc. is about hope and deliverance. Friendship and sacrifice. And the ability of the human spirit to flourish when given a little love.

The book is suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

One Page Summary

Our Lady of Mercy Orphanage sits at the corner of Gansevoort and Washington Streets in the Old Meatpacking District of New York City. It’s a run down and dilapidated building, slowly falling into an old age of disrepair. Icy air blows through its rotten window sills and water leaks through the floors from the roof. But to the orphaned boys that live there it’s not the building that makes them miserable. It’s wicked old Sister Prudence who rules with an iron fist, punishing them if they ever step out of line.

Eric, eight years old, has been a resident of the orphanage since anyone can remember. Possessing a peculiar intelligence beyond his years he loves to regale his friends with his adventures of sailing to the Ivory Coast of Africa and picking tea in Darjeeling. But he also has a knack for prickling the ire of Sister Prudence who reserves a special dislike for him. When Eric disrupts choir practice with his off-key singing, Sister Prudence locks him in the basement.

While stumbling around in the dark basement, Eric unwittingly discovers a tunnel to the building next door. Following his natural curiosity to see where it leads, what he discovers is far beyond his imagination: Santa Incorporated – the global headquarters of Santa’s business empire.

Quite by accident Eric lands himself a job at the company and quickly ascends through its ranks where he discovers a menagerie of interesting things including elves, inventors, human catapults, luges that spiral through the skyscraper and of course Santa himself. But he soon finds that life is not all rosy in Santa Inc. either as the company sails through it own rough waters.

Eric uses his new found knowledge to help timid but good-hearted Sister Christine solve the orphanage’s money problems. But eventually Eric’s double life comes to a head when Sister Prudence discovers his meddling.

This begins a chain of events that changes the orphan’s lives forever and reawakens in Santa the true spirit of Christmas.