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Not every hero looks like a hero. Not every rock star starts out looking like a rock star.

Cameron Power is a math nerd, a geeky high school junior who exists in the shadows at high school. He likes model trains, engineering and hanging out in the safety of his bedroom. He’s heading for college on a scholarship and the apple of his father’s eye.

Then he discovers music.

And girls. And guitars. And the infinite joy of spinning twelve inches of vinyl.

When Cameron attempts to impress Kassandra, a punk rocker with a lust for life, by faking rock star credentials he stumbles into an ever increasing web of lies that results in a horrendously embarrassing situation playing out in front of the entire school.

Despite the endless laughing, pointing, and video replays posted across social media, Cameron realizes that his new found love for music is too strong.

But dreams are not made in Hogtown - an industrial dead-end whose only claim to fame is that it contains the largest pig factory in the country. Cameron’s father knows that the only way out of a life in the factory is to get a college education – and that his diversion into music threatens his son’s very future. With a factory strike already straining the family, Cameron’s actions threaten to tear them apart.

Hogtown is a story of musical discovery. It’s about battling through high school, about the torment and embarrassment of teenage life, and about how the discovery of a great band can pull you away from it all. It is about learning what it takes to become a musician and most of all searching for your identity when everybody else has already made up their mind who you should be.

Often funny, sometimes sad, this coming of age story is crammed full of music and pop culture references that will keep music fans turning the pages until the end.

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